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Mr. Ali Moodi get awarded at 2002 in Frankfurt.Moodi Industries has started its activities in three industrial ranges since 1984, The pioneering years were indeed hard as it took more than just time and money to learn the intricacies of the trade, but now after more than two decades we get enough know-how to run a profitable trade based on mere honesty which is backed by modern Technologies in this global village.

Today our stainless steel Machinery and Tanks in three fields of pharmaceutical, chemical & food processing could be found in the heart of most famous related companies in Iran.

The trustworthy and durable working of our machinery, good technology, innovation along with commitment and responsibility felt at the brink of delivering our products to our customers, drawn the attention of renown organizations like BID to award their First Prize for quality and technology named The international Gold Arch of Europe in Frankfurt in the year 2002 and the next one international Quality crown in London in the year 2003.

Mr. Ali Moodi get awarded at 2003 in London.Such improvements following the hard work of industrial managers & designers made the company to establish a new Department for its international business named Department of Foreign Trade to make new ties with oversees' companies, to exchange ideas & technologies and to be in touch with different near and far markets.

In our future purposefully we will follow our current policies to be customer-focused more from the very first contact irrespective of their domicile or nature of inquiry.



We will be quality-conscious in every step of the supply chain to ensure that safe machineries are manufactured under our brand name.

We will equip our human resources with the tools, techniques and know-how in carrying out their duties to the best of their abilities.

In short, we want to exceed not only our customers' expectations but also that of anyone who deals with us.

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